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"How I Will Help You Tell The Story Of Your new engagement through emotional, Sensitive Portraiture..."





Dear Newly Engaged Couple,

   If Your upcoming wedding is the most important thing in your life... If You Want To Tell A Story You Will Cherish Forever...

   If You Realize How Important This Time In Your Life Is To Each Other...

This Webpage Will Be Priceless To You...








"From our fashionable engagement portraits to the day of our wedding, we felt 100% that our pictures would be lovely-And they were!.  Thank you so much for capturing this moment in our lives. .  Thanks again for everything you've done."
             -Christopher and Lynda Oniah
               Brentwood, CA






   Let's face it, we can never go back to a past moment in our lives... No matter how hard we try or hope. This time together before the big day is once in a lifetime chance to remember your life before the transition to your fun new married life together.

Do you have a photograph of your parents taken during thier engagement?  Before they were married... Before you ever entered their lives...

   Imagine this:  You display a big beautiful portrait of yourselves next to your parents engagement portrait.  How would you feel... How will you childred feel when they see those images side by side. What a thought!

If your parents don't have a portrait of themeselves at that time, how much would you pay to have something like that? That's right... No amount of money in the world would be enough to get that moment back.


   Now fast forward to the time when your kids get married... 

   What would your engagement photograph mean to you and your own family 20, 30 years from now? Imagine all the fun it would be to see generations of YOUR photographs side by side.

"What an amazing experience with a photographer who cares so much. Thank you for all your attention to detail, your patience, and your fun spirit. You made one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding such a breeze. You really captured the true romance and personality in our engagement session and your true dedication during our day made it stress free. Thank you for all your patience when it came to all our crazy requests. We were shocked to hear we were getting our album within two months of our wedding. Thank you again, we really appreciate all that you do."
               -Joshua and Charlene Smith
               San Jose, CA


These Kinds Of Photographs Are Not Accidents.  They Are Not Snapshots. And Yet They're Not "Posed" Or Unnatural In Any Way.

   You know your soon to be husband/wife better than anyone else in the world.  The genuine smile versus the "smile for the camera" grin we all know about.  and guess what? Other people can tell the difference too!  We all can. You've seen photographs where you could tell the photographer just posed the couple and said "say cheese!"  The lighting may have been good. The background might have been nice. But that fake expression that happens when a couple is PROMPTED to smile - that just makes the photograph look like a snapshot instead of a special captured moment in your life.


But That's Not Good Enough.  Your Engagement Is Only Going To Be A Brief Point In Time - You Deserve The Perfect Portrait To Capture This Moment Forever.

   When you find the right photographer, a photographer who doesn't merely understand photography, but also understands how to capture your best expressions, you have found a new friend you will value for the rest of you life.  This photographer is going to do something for you that no one else in the world can ever do ---- This photographer will STOP TIME, and capture a cherished memory that you will be able to relive every day of your life.

   Nothing means more to me than family memories. No one (other than maybe the rest of your family) understands what your engagement portrait means to you more than I do.  That's one of the reasons I became a professional photographer - I want to help other couples hold on to their family memories forever, and never regret not having a special photograph of their engagement created.

Peter made the trip to San Jose twice, first to meet us and then again for our design consultation at the church. It was great to know what we had planned out and where he would be at various times so there would be no surprises. We were surprised because he was barely visible through the ceremony! Peter was more than willing to follow what we needed for our family pictures and we can't thank him enough!
Robbie and Stacy Ernst     San Jose, CA



   No price tag can be put on your family's memories. They are and always will be priceless.  So, why would you ever want to gamble with those memories?  It's just a question of whether you believe a portrait of your engagement could really mean that much to you.

   If you were sick, and had to go to a doctor, would you want the "cheapest" doctor, or the best one? Well, there's really no question.  It's the same thing with your family's memories.  You can certainly find a cheaper photographer in town.  But there are other things to consider than just price...

The Photographer You Choose Should Care About YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR MEMORIES, Not Just About "Making A Buck" Off You.

   But I CHOSE to become a professional portrait photographer.  Why did I make that career choice? Because I finally realized that all the money in the world meant nothing to me if I didn't feel like I was making a difference.

   Time is the one thing that none of us have enough of.  It's the one thing that money can't buy. It's the one thing that we all would give just about anything for. Through photography, we can hold on to the moments in our lives that we wish could last forever.  And, if it's done correctly, these same photographs can become works of art that we display in our homes for everyone to see and share.

Don't Make The Decision As To Who Will Photograph Your Engagement Until You Chat With Me. There Are Things You'll Want To Ask The Photographers...

   There's no cost, and no obligation to just chat with me, and it will make the whole difference as to how great your portraits will look. My studio number is:
(888) 696-7327.

   Don't worry. I'm not going to try to "sell you" on working with me. I'm already very busy, and I don't need to pressure anyone to work with me as a photographer.  I'll just talk to you about your portraits, and help you discover what your photographs could be like. 

   If you decide to have me create your portraits - great.  If not, no problem.

--- But There Were Things Even They Didn't Know When They Started Looking For A Photographer...

   If you're like most people, when you first thought of having a portrait created of yourselves, you probably pictured in your mind a tiny studio, with a painted background, some bright lights, with the both of you sitting funny on a stool looking nervous. Maybe you even thought of a family member or friend of yours who fancies himself or herself as a "bit of a photography buff." Maybe you thought of having this person do a quick photograph, and you'd call that good enough.  You're not alone. Most couples think this way at first....


   ...but then, just like the other people on this site, something made you decide to check out my website. You probably saw some of the photography I've created and said to yourself "that's what I want."  Maybe you realized that this portrait of yourselves is so important, you're not going to trust it to just anyone. Believe me, you've made the right choice.


THE #1 Thing Your Photographer MUST DO:
Demand That Your Photographer GUARANTEE You Will Love Your Engagement Portraits.

   Most photographers WILL NOT DO THIS! Just suppose you had a portrait created, and you didn't look natural in it. The photograph was "ok," but it didn't turn out spectacular.  Should you have to pay for it?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I believe strongly that no one should ever have to pay for a photograph that isn't PERFECT. That's why I am the only photographer around to offer the following guarantee:

A Guarantee Unlike Any You've Ever Heard:

If You Don't Look Terrific & Best He Or She Has Ever Looked In These Photographs - If You Don't Cry (tears of joy) When You Look At Them - You Don't Pay Me For Them.

   That's my guarantee and personal promise to you. As far as I know, there's no other photographer around that will make you this super of a guarantee.  These photographs will be completely meaningless to you unless they convey the real emotions and personality of the both of you.  That's the only real reason to have an engagement portrait created.

   So, if FOR ANY REASON you feel that the photographs I create for you are anything less than perfect - if you don't actually cry when I show them to you for the first time, you don't pay me for them. It's that simple. 

   Obviously, I'm totally confident that the portraits I create for you will be well beyond anything you imagine. I believe completely that these photographs will become your most prized possessions - that, if your house were on fire, you would grab them on the way out of your burning home. This is not arrogance. I can't stand arrogance. No, this is a complete belief in my abilities to capture natural, real emotions from people unlike anyone else. That's what I've devoted my life to, and that's why I can't wait to photograph the both of you.

So, To Restate, Here's My Fantastic DOUBLE GUARANTEE:

If you are not THRILLED with your photographs - if you are dissatisfied for ANY reason at all, I will do two things for you:

1st - At NO CHARGE, I will photograph you again, and make sure that anything that wasn't perfect is fixed, without you paying another cent.

2nd - If I am absolutely unable to thrill you - if I'm unable to create a photograph that you feel you will cherish forever, I will refund EVERY PENNY you invested in them.  You don't pay for your photographs unless you love them beyond expression!

If I don't end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer offers this strong of a guarantee. If they are professional and really good at what they do, they should back up their work by taking all the risk off of you.

URGENT:::  MAJOR Myth, Mistake Or Misconception About Your Engagement Photography:

"There's No Rush To Have A Portrait Created Right Now."

   Before we continue, let's talk about this for a moment.  So many people think they have all the time in the world to have an engagement portrait created. Guess what? It's really ok to have your engagement session done 6 months or more BEFORE your ceremony!.

   But, you know how things are.  If you don't pick up the phone right now, and at least call me to chat about your portrait, you will probably get swamped with other things, and forget all about it.  Then, before you know it, your wedding is just around the corner. How will you find the time then?

   You see, time is ticking.... and it's never going to stop. (Not even for your wedding!)

   Don't put this off.  You know how life is. We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed.  If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done. A portrait of yourselves - as the both of you are right now - is something you deserve.

Plus, You Will Save 50% By Acting Right Now!

   Just suppose you call my studio and chat with me.  Just suppose you decide you would like me to be your photographer. As long as you are one of the first 43 people to call me (for your FREE chat), I will deduct 50% off the creation of your engagement portraits - NO MATTER WHEN YOU DECIDE TO HAVE THE PORTRAITS TAKEN WITH ME!

   What does that mean? You don't have to actually have the photograph created immediately - just call me to chat.  If, after that call, you decide you want me to be your photographer, I'll photograph your engagement for 50% off my regular fee.


Pick up the phone, and call my studio. CLICK HERE for the number.

Even if it's after business hours, still call right now. I've got an answering machine that is just waiting to cheerfully take your message, and I'll personally call you back so we can chat.  Just let me know when is a good time to call you back.  Don't worry, I'm not going to try to "pressure" you at all into working with me.  Plus, there's no cost at all for us just to chat.

   When you call, we'll chat briefly about the things you need to know. I'll tell you a bit about me.  I'll answer all your questions about how to prepare for your engagement portrait - including things I don't have time to put in this letter. It won't be a long call, but it will be one of the most important calls you make.

This is a biggie. Most photographers are trying to crank so many sessions through in a day, they only have a short amount of time to photograph each subject.

Now, it may not take the whole hour to photograph the both of you.  However, I ALWAYS set aside at least 90 minutes for every engagement session I book. I've done some sessions that only took about 20 minutes or so to get a number of stunning images, but the point is - it's vital to leave that much time open.  Don't let your photographer rush through this.  Remember, these are your memories, and it's up to you to make sure your photographer realizes his or her responsibility to the both of you.

If I don't end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer spends AT LEAST ONE HOUR creating the perfect images for you - this cannot be rushed!


Why Your Portrait Will Become More Valuable To You Than Anything Else In Your Home:

   Do you have a photograph of your future husband/wife that means that much to you?  Now, I'm not talking about a "snapshot" that was taken during a family outing on the Fourth Of July. I'm talking about a wonderful photograph, created by an artistic photographer, that not only captures your true expressions and personality, but also does so in a way that you'd be proud to display in your home for the rest of your life.

It's Not Too Late. This Moment, Right Now, Can Be Held Onto For The Rest Of Your Life - For You To Share With Family And Friends.

   You don't have to make a big decision right now. You don't have to choose your photographer - you don't even have to decide that now is the time for your engagement portrait.  Just take one small step toward holding onto your happiest moments RIGHT NOW. 

Just Call My Studio, And We'll Chat.   And, If You Decide You Want Me To Create Your Engagement Portrait, Save 50% Off It's Creation. It's All Up To You.

   You can call any time. If I don't answer, just leave your name and number at the beep, and I'll call you back.  (Of course leave the best time of day to call you back)

Once again,  CLICK HERE for the direct phone number to my studio.

The Perfect Portrait Of Your Engagement Is Only One Phone Call Away...

     Make the call now. It will be a call you will be glad you made for the rest of your life. I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Mikkalsen

P.S. - Remember, call me just to chat, and if you are one of the first 43 people, and if you choose to have me photograph the both of you, save 50% off the creation of the images!  You've nothing to lose, and so many great memories to gain.  Call my studio now - no cost, no obligation - CLICK HERE.





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